Wednesday, February 29, 2012


  1. Hi Maggie, So glad you posted your blog. It is so nice to see you. Now I still need to hear you pronounce your name. I am sure it is beautiful and I would mess it up. I should have has speech and language classes as a child but they didn't have them way back then. I was never taught phonics until college. So as a first grade teacher I was made sure my little ones new all the sounds for the level they were at. I should have taught 3 and 4 grade then I would be better myself. LOL

    1. Hey Linda glad you stop by, i luv visitors lol, thank you so much! I tell you, im planning a give away soooon,( im exicited)and will introduced my name in audio make sure you stay tune hugs mag-da-le-na (like mary magdalena in bible lol)